Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), and other customized therapeutic interventions, we help adolescents and adults resolve their core challenges.


Together we will address automatic negative thoughts to address depression, anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem, disordered eating, addictions, and body image- and the challenges that parenting, relationships, illness, aging parents can present.


When fixing a car, you want a top mechanic with the right set of tools to diagnose the problem, and make the repairs. Invest in yourself the same way. Working together, we can expand your “toolbox,” giving you the confidence and skills to thrive.



You are not the only one dealing with body image, anxiety, trauma, or loss; the support and experience of others can be very helpful. Expand your “toolbox” with structured exercises and shared discussion.



We can provide supervision for NJ Social Workers and Counselors working to complete their LCSW and LPC licensing requirements. Supervisees are trained to understand - theoretically and practically - each of their client interventions, helping them to hone their techniques and diversify their repertoire. 



Executive functioning skills enable you to get things done, and are critical in managing and regulating thoughts, time and task management, goal setting, flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring, and focus. Our executive functioning is like a command and control center, filtering distractions and controlling impulses. If you struggle in these areas, you are not alone. Sign up for individualized coaching and jump start your child's or your academic, social, or professional success.



Neuropsychological testing can help ascertain specific information on cognitive and behavioral functioning.
Once individual strengths and challenges are accurately identified, the individual can learn strategies to work more effectively. 

Evaluations are routinely requested for:

  • Assessment of ADHD and/or learning disabilities

  • Educational accommodations for exams (ie., PSAT, SAT, GRE, LSAT)

  • Educational Accommodations for primary and secondary schools, college, and graduate school

  • Assessment of the effects of head injuries- accidents, concussions, etc.

  • Assessment of Parkinson's Disease, or other neurological diseases

  • Post-Stroke assessment

  • Assessments/classification of various Dementias